A note from our family to yours….

As a leading Long Island general contracting company, we at Apollo Contracting strive to continuously offer unmatched quality work, and we will always treat your home as if it is ours. From the first appointment to our last day on the job, you will see us at your house daily.

Our Long Island team of contractors and carpenters are more than employees, they are part of the Apollo family! Many times, customers will request Peter, Walter, Walter, Luis or Jose, etc., as they have either heard about their superior craftsmanship or have seen it firsthand. All these wonderful men have been employed at my family business for more than two decades, which says a lot about who we are as a company. We work closely with one another ensuring that every job is done properly to its completion.

Although we advertise; we at Apollo Contracting continue to be a referral-based company, which we appreciate very much. We’ve also had many of our customers reach out to us a number of times with various projects throughout the years, which also says a lot about who we are as a company. As a leading Long Island general contractor, we will continuously ensure that you only receive the greatest service as our greatest reward is your satisfaction and appreciation for the beauty of our work and its quality installation. That is why we have demonstrated on every occasion an outstanding dedication to quality and service as our motto is, “Where Quality Begins and Service Never Ends.”

As for our customers: Most of whom I have either met or spoken with on the phone, have only shared the most positive feedback and the loveliest of comments, which is very much appreciated! To all those who have opened your homes and hearts to us, Apollo Contracting thanks you and always appreciates your friendship and business and we look forward to many more years together!

My dad, Chris, and our entire team love what we do and it is showcased across Long Island since 1972. Please call us anytime as we look forward to completing your next home improvement or rennovation project.

Thank you,

Sia Tsokas


Apollo Contracting Corporation